Russia/Ukraine INTREP 24FEB22 Compilation

[Originally posted on author’s Facebook page; post is publicly available.]


Multiple sources state that Russian forces have captured the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, taking station personnel hostage, as of 1200 Eastern/1900 local.


The sun set a short time ago across Ukraine. It might be a long night. Expect lots of movement in a very fluid situation.


1.) Reliable source with sources in Ukrainian government states that 18 Il-76 ‘Candid’ airplanes have left Pskov airfield vectoring toward Kyiv. Potentially airborne troops; each Il-76 can carry about 125 paratroopers. If at capacity, that would be ~2,250 soldiers. They may arrive IVO Kyiv in approximately 40 minutes.

2.) Too much information to sort through this morning. It’s a very dynamic environment that rapidly changes. Will update shortly.

Post-Script: It may be that Russia will attempt to “decapitate” the UA government, possibly today. The purpose would be, obviously, to install a UA government more amenable to Russian interests



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Halen Allison

Former Marine intelligence analyst. Current writer of words. Eventual worm food.